11:00 – 11:15 Welcome to CELCC 2018, Novi Sad
Ilija Andrijević, Conference President
Nevena Sečen, Conference President
Robert Pirker, CELCA
11:15 – 12:15 Epidemiology of lung cancer and tobacco control
Chairs: Gabriella Galffy, Budapest, Hungary
11:15 Epidemiology of lung cancer and tobacco control in Serbia
Ana Jovićević, Beograd, Serbia
11:30 Tobacco control in Eastern Europe: The Hungarian experience
Gabor Kovacs, Budapest, Hungary
11:45 Tobacco control: Guidelines for the future
Ferenc Vicko, State Secretary of Health, Belgrade-Novi Sad, Serbia
12:00 Treatment of locally advanced NSCLC
Wilfried Eberhardt, Essen, Germany
12:25 – 13:25 Satellite symposium (Pfizer)
13:30 – 14-45 Early detection and screening of lung cancer
Chairs: Suzana Kukulj, Zagreb, Croatia
Danica Sazdanić-Velikić, Novi Sad, Serbia
13:30 Implementation of lung cancer screening:
The Hungarian experience
Anna Kerpel-Fronius, Budapest, Hungary
13:45 Early lung cancer detection with mobile application
Zalan Szanto, Pecs, Hungary
14:00 The role of bronchoscopy in early detection
Bojan Zarić, Novi Sad, Serbia
14:15 Preoperative evaluation of lung cancer patients
Ivan Kopitović, Novi Sad, Serbia
14:30 The rationale for micronucleus test in lung cancer screening
Svetlana Žunić, Belgrade, Serbia
14:45 – 15:15 Coffee break-Poster viewing
Chairs: Goran Stojanović, Novi Sad, Serbia
Živka Eri, Novi Sad, Serbia
Mladen Duronjić, Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, BiH
14:45 – 15:15 Satellite symposium (MSD)
15:15 – 16:35 Genetics and diagnosis of lung cancer
Chairs: Judith Moldvay, Budapest, Hungary
Branislav Perin, Novi Sad, Serbia
15:15 Genetics in lung cancer
Goran Čuturilo, Belgrade, Serbia
15:30 Novel Molecular Landscape of NSCLC
Radmila Janković, Belgrade, Serbia
15:45 Tissue biopsy: opportunities and challenges for molecular testing in NSCLC
Izidor Kern, Golnik, Slovenia
16:00 Acquisition of lung cancer genomic tissue by EBUS/EUS-guided methods
Semra Bilaceroglu, Izmir, Turkey
16:15 The potential of liquid biopsy
Martin Filipits, Vienna, Austria
16:40 – 17:40 Staging of lung cancer
Chairs: Zsolt Papai Szekely, Budapest, Hungary
Ali Mir Reza Hoda, Vienna, Austria
16:40 The role of PET-CT in lung cancer
Nataša Prvulović, Novi Sad, Serbia
16:55 Mediastinal staging by means of EBUS/EUS
Spasoje Popević, Belgrade, Serbia
17:10 Surgery in early stage non-small cell lung cancer
Ali Mir Reza Hoda, Vienna, Austria
17:25 Preoperative evaluation of lung cancer patients
Ivan Kopitović, Novi Sad, Serbia
18:15 Bus transfer
19:00 Get together 1

08:30 – 09:30 Treatment of non-small cell lung cancer stages I-III
Chairs: Gunta Purkalne, Riga, Latvia
Lubos Petruzelka, Prague, Czech Republic
08:30 IASLC TNM classification of lung cancer (8th edition)
Helmut Prosch, Vienna, Austria
08:45 Surgical staging of lung cancer
Thomas Klikovits, Vienna, Austria
09:00 VATS in thoracic oncology-Hungarian experience
Agócs László, Budapest, Hungary
09:15 Systemic treatment of early stage non-small cell lung cancer
Robert Pirker, Vienna, Austria
09:30 – 10:00 Coffee break- Poster viewing
Chairs: Goran Stojanović, Novi Sad, Serbia
Aleksandar Tepavac, Novi Sad, Serbia
Marko Jakopović, Zagreb, Croatia
10:00 – 11:30 Treatment of advanced NSCLC
Chairs: Antonio Juretić, Zagreb, Croatia
Vilijam Kovač, Ljubljana, Slovenia
10:00 Immunotherapy of lung cancer
Peter Berzinec, Nitra, Slovakia
10:15 Predictive biomarkers in immunotherapy today and tomorrow
Sanja Pleština, Zagreb, Croatia
10:30 Immune-related adverse events management
Zoran Andrić, Belgrade, Serbia
10:45 PD-L1 Expression in brain metastases
Judit Moldvay, Budapest, Hungary
11:00 The role of radiotherapy in the era of immunotherapy
Mirjana Rajer, Golnik, Slovenia
11:15 Surgical options in the era of novel systemic therapy
Milorad Bijelović, Novi Sad, Serbia
11:40 – 12:40 Satellite Symposium (Bristol Meyers Squibb)
12:50 – 14:20 Small cell lung cancer &Oncogene driven lung cancer
Chairs: Milada Zemanova, Prague, Czech Republic
Kostas Zarogoulidis, Thessaloniki, Greece
12:50 Systemic treatment of SCLC
Nevena Sečen, Novi Sad, Serbia
13:05 Chemotherapy of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer without driver mutations
Dragana Jovanović, Belgrade, Serbia
13:20 EGFR-mutated non-small cell lung cancer management
Jana Skrickova, Brno, Czech Republic
13:35 ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer management
Davorin Radosavljević, Belgrade, Serbia
13:50 Rare mutations in lung cancer
Bakir Mehić, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
14:05 Management of brain metastases
Danica Grujičić, Belgrade, Serbia
14:30 – 15:00 Coffee break-Poster viewing
Chairs: Goran Stojanović, Novi Sad, Serbia
Snežana Kutlešić Stević, Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, BiH
Milan Rančić, Niš, Serbia
15:00 – 15:45 Neuroendocrine tumors and mesothelioma
Chairs: Libor Havel, Prague, Czech Republic
Mojca Unk, Ljubljana, Slovenia
15:00 Carcinoid tumors: an update
Milica Kontic, Belgrade, Serbia
15:15 Pathology of malignant pleural mesothelioma
Luka Brčić, Graz, Austria
15:30 Surgery of malignant pleural mesothelioma
Ivan Kuhajda, Novi Sad, Serbia
15:55 – 17:25 Satellite Symposium (Boehringer Ingelheim)
17:30 – 17:55 5th Petr Zatloukal Memorial Lecture
Chairs: Robert Pirker, Wien, Austria
Lubos Petruzelka, Prague, Czech Republic
Microbiome and lung cancer
Gyula Ostoros, Budapest, Hungary
18:00 – 19:00 Palliative treatment and supportive care
Chairs: Zafir Murtezani, Belgrade, Serbia
Peter Berzinec, Nytra, Slovakia
18:00 Interventional bronchoscopy in emergency situations
Aleš Rožman, Golnik, Slovenia
18:15 Laser therapy
Evica Budišin, Novi Sad, Serbia
18:30 The role of supportive care in lung cancer management
Sanja Šarac, Belgrade, Serbia
18:50 – 19:40 Young Doctors Session (Case reports)
Chairs: Ruža Stević, Belgrade, Serbia
Jelena Spasić, Belgrade, Serbia
Dejan Đurić, Novi Sad, Serbia

  1. Gordana Cvetković, Treatment of a patient with metastatic EGFR wild type adenocarcinoma, Belgrade, Serbia
  2. Tatjana Šarčev, Is surgical treatment an option in limited disease SCLC? Novi Sad, Serbia
  3. Marina Cekić, Diagnosis and treatment of EGFR mut + NSCLC patient, Niš, Serbia
  4. Sanja Kostić, Immunorelated toxicity in treatment NSCLC lung cancer, Belgrade, Serbia
  5. Natalija Samardžić, Immune-related hepatotoxicity, Belgrade, Serbia
  6. Ivan Nović, Treatment of ALK-positive patients, Novi Sad, Serbia
  7. Petar Simurdić, Endovascular stenting in superior vena cava syndrome-case report, Novi Sad, Serbia.

08.30 – 09:30 Satellite Symposium (Roche)
09:45 – 12:45 The Best of WCLC 2018
Part I Chairs: Dragana Jovanović, Belgrade, Serbia
Jacek Nikliński,
Bialystok, Poland
09:45 Tobacco control in Eastern Europe: The Hungarian experience
Gabor Kovacs, Budapest, Hungary
10:00 Update in pneumonology
Vitezslav Kolek, Olomouc, Czech Republic
10:15 Molecular targeted therapies: an update
Tanja Ćufer, Golnik, Slovenia
10:30 Immuno checkpoints in lung cancer
Lubos Petruzelka, Prague, Czech Republic
10:45 Palliative treatment
Peter Berzinec, Nitra, Slovakia
11:00 – 11:15 Coffee break
Part II Chairs: Nevena Sečen, Novi Sad, Serbia
Robert Pirker, Vienna, Austria
11:15 Predictive biomarkers:Novel combination
Gabriella Galffy, Budapest, Hungary
11:30 Combined modality treatment
Gunta Purkale, Riga, Latvia
11:45 New perspectives in SCLC treatment
Gyula Ostoros, Budapest, Hungary
12:00 Radiotherapy news
Mirjana Ševo, Novi Sad, Serbia
12:15 Therapy of malignant pleural mesothelioma
Marko Jakopović, Zagreb, Croatia
12:30 Surgery of today and tomorrow
Miroslav Kozlowski, Bialystok, Poland
12:45 – 13:45 Satellite Symposium (Takeda)
13.45 – 14.00 Closing remarks
Ilija Andrijević, Nevena Sečen, Robert Pirker